Hail Suit is the NEW innovative, inflatable car cover that prevents your car from damage caused by extreme weather. The Hail Suit car cover comes with an interactive app for your mobile phone that warns you, well before bad weather is on its way.
• Comes with an interactive app for mobile phone
• Suits 99% of every car brand and model
• Instant inflatable car protection
• Easy to use
• Safe


HailSuit is easily deployed onto your vehicle. HailSuit comes with four security straps which you secure on your rims/wheels, and four straps to secure on your bumpers through plastic hooks. We advise you to connect the straps before turning on the pump, this allows the cover to fully deploy over your vehicle. By using this manner of securing, you can rest assured that HailSuit will remain firmly in place, even during the most extreme types of weather.

The HailSuit is fully inflated within 5-8 minutes, to its maximum width of 25 centimeters, by its built-in 12V pump. The inflation time depends on the model. The pump has three settings; Inflate, Deflate and OFF. Make sure all four valves are firmly shut whilst inflating! After the HailSuit is fully inflated, it will keep its perfect pressure for 4-8 hrs. After this period, you can add pressure to the HailSuit (if required) by turning on the pump for a few seconds. When your HailSuit has done its job, you can open the four valves and press “Deflate” on the pump. Your HailSuit can be used multiple times, as long as it’s stored neatly.

Climate change is rapidly increasing chances for extremely bad weather. Hailstorms with hail the size of golf balls and heavy storms that scatter branches all over, will be more and more frequent in the upcoming future. For you, as a car owner, that means a bigger chance of damage to your car and a bigger chance of decrease of value. You probably won’t neither of them, we know we don’t. And check this: chances even become much bigger if you take car trips to countries like: Italy, Germany, Sweden, France, Austria or Switzerland.

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